Professional Services

Medico Legal Assessments and Reports for Adult Trauma


Our clinical psychologists have undergone expert witness training and can produce court complaint reports and statements routed in an understating of the law and its procedures.  We are able to provide assessments of individuals relating to adult trauma. If you or somebody you know is in need of a medico-legal report, get in touch with Aire Valley Psychology for more information.



Occupational Health Assessments


We are able to provide reports, assessments and interventions to support companies in identifying and tackling signs of work-related illness or injury. Our assessments are available as individual screenings or whole workplace assessments. We are able to flag issues that may result in health problems and advice on measures to prevent psychosocial hazards developing within a business, promoting the mental wellbeing of staff.




Supervision For Other Psychologists

As trained independent psychologists we know the importance of adhering to codes of ethics and conduct. By providing out supervision to other psychologists we offer an opportunity to reflect on your professional skills in a reliable, safe and trusting environment.